The main objective of an engineer is to provide the solutions for technical problems by using his\her scientific knowledge. Note that, the solution should be within the provided material, technological and economic constraints. In this task, the designers keep their ideas, knowledge and experience on the product to create an impact on the manufactured product nature, customer relations and the overall profitability.

Designing can be defined as an engineering activity which influence the human life, depends on the innovative ideas and laws of science. It also creates a set of terms and conditions in order to apply the laws for manufacturing the products. It is also considered as an intellectual attempt that helps to achieve the requirement of the user on a specific product.

Engineering design satisfies and applied in two streams that is cultural stream and technical streams.

In psychological term, designing can be defined as a creative process of an activity in the context of various fields such as mathematics, physics mechanics, thermodynamics, production engineering, electrical engineering, material technology and design theory. Some of the basic qualities required for the designer are economic insight, tenacity, optimism, sociability, initiative, resolution, and ability to work in a team.

In systematic terms, designing can be defined as a process where the given objecties are developed within the limitations inconsistently. Some times, the requirements may change pver the time so that the solution can be developed with in the specific conditions.

In organizational terms, designing plays a major role in manufacturing process of raw materials and product. The designers and workers join and work together in various domains. In order to maintain the necessary information that is required for workers, the designers should frequently communicate with salesman, estimators, planners, buyers, cost accountants, production engineering, material specialists, test engineers, research workers and standard engineers. A good information floe and experience sharing are the most important things in developing a product.

A designer plays various roles in the process of production because of the demands and Methods to be developed according to the consumer requirements.

The conceptual design and embodiment design phases are separated from the detail design and order to execution. This model provides more freedom and scope to the designer than the conventional development design model. The main drawback of this model is that, there is a separation between two departments that is conceptual and detailed design. It also differentiates the standard and ordinary designers. This problem can be achieved By regular staff by exchanging information. For example, when a new design is to be developed by the detail design team, some of the team members need to work on the design. So that, it maintains a good flow of information and also the team provides a valuable experience of developing design in conceptual design phase which helps to maintain the production costs equally with the markets situation.

If any specific customized design is to be developed then organizational model need to be adaptive or a adaptive design. In such situation, the organization model is designed in such a way that the conceptual design, embodiment design, detailed design and order of execution are placed together and also the experienced staff need to provide a backup with the necessary technical advices and cost calculations. In large engineering projects, the work should be designed in a suitable way such that the innovations need to be proposed one after the other with the limitations for reducing the risks.

In case of mass production, the experimental development term need to involve in the design model or activity to provide help for designer’s task. The various problems of the design can be solved by using simple and basic experiments rather than by performing complex calculations and working on drawing boards. Some of the designs may require extra Development work before production or else it can be started directly.

In psychological and organizational terms, the design work regarding a specific issue can be performed by the persons with different education backgrounds and experience. So, the division of labour is shared based on different categories such as trained engineers, technicians, engineers who has more practical background and draughtsman.

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